Elevator access at this site is restricted and managed by tenant security. 


Monitoring Center/Access Provider:  Tenant Security

Service Elevator(s):  A freight elevator is available in each building for moving materials. The designated freight elevator is the only elevator to be used for moving materials and construction personnel and shall be properly protected with temporary plywood, wall protection or elevator pads. Use of the elevator is to be scheduled with the Management Office. The freight elevator is to be locked on independent service for the hauling of materials. Do not hold doors open by propping or wedging materials in their tracks. This can cause serious damage. The elevator must be cleaned after each use. Including vacuuming the carpet, cleaning of any debris in the door track, and wiping down of the door and interior panels. 

  • Weight limit : 3,500 lbs
  • Height limit :  11ft


The passenger elevators are not to be used for moving and/or deliveries.